Over 17 years of practical on-site, design and manufacturing experience. Offering a variety of mats and custom fabrication of tanks, bins and line crossings.

Manufacturing Capacity. Strict Quality Control. Safety.

Located in Billings Montana within easy delivery to the Bakken oil fields in Montana and North Dakota and other oil fields across the US. Rig Mats of America Inc. manufactures and tests on site in Billings Montana with strict quality control and safety regulations. We have the capacity to make over 2,000 solid oak mats each month.

The base factor that largely determines the quality and structural integrity of the finished 3 ply mat is the Lumber Grade & Quality. Because ‘green rough cut’ lumber is utilized and there are no true industry standards for the size, grade, spec detail or defect allowance; a very wide range of species and overall quality are used by the various mat manufacturers. RMA has evaluated the history and evolution of the 3 ply mats and decided that we will only build “The Best” 3 ply mat in the entire industry.

Innovative Design


RMA cross laminated timber (CLT) Channel, I Beam and Traditional mats all are made with improved design and construction. Tested against traditional 3 beam mats, RMA’s hybrid mat is 1,000 lbs lighter and far stronger.

Our CLT mats manufactured in the same size and thickness and a traditional rig mats ensuring that they are compatible with the mats in your existing fleet. Lighter RMA mats results in significant cost savings in shipping and freight costs. For example, on the 8” x 40” mat, we can ship two more mats on every truck load!

Through innovative design and engineering, our mats have a dramatically increased life span. RMA offers a new glue lam access mat with NO BOLTS or NAILS. It is the fraction of the weight of a fir mat as much stronger. We also supply fir mats to same specifications, but a reduced price.

Matting Solution Advantages

Our matting solutions create a work platform that can easily take on the heaviest machinery, but above all…create a safe and cleaner working environment for your workers. Matting solutions allow for a quick and safe rig set up and tear down. When mats are used for drill sites and access to remote sites, the stable yet temporary solutions prevent permanent damage to the local environment. With an environment with little disturbance, a significant savings in reclamation costs is realized and the environment can return to a natural state at a faster rate.

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