Crane Mats

Rig Mats of America manufactures two types of Crane Mats for your use; Standard Crane Mats and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats.

RMA’s Standard Crane Mats have a stock width of 4′, a standard height of 12″ and are available from 16′ to 20′.

RMA cross laminated timber(CLT)  mats also come in 12″ and 8″ heights and lengths up to 40′. The durable construction makes them two times stronger.

The weight difference is also substantial. Compare a traditional standard sized  crane mat at 3640 lbs to the much stronger and lighter 8″ thick CLT crane mat at 1900 lbs or a 12″ mat at 2533 lbs and you can see how the weight difference adds up when it comes time to ship to the site.

Close up of our Fabrication

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