Access Mats

Rig Mats of America (RMA) manufactures matting solutions that help your crews gain access to remote areas in any climate.

With better traction and stability, RMA mats create a temporary road system over rugged terrain, ice and swamp conditions. Durable and constructed with only the best materials, RMA access mats allow you to move cranes, dozers, oil rigs and other heavy equipment with certainty. Better and year-round access can extend your drilling season.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Access Mat

50% Lighter than a traditional bolted access mat!

With the same look and ability to lock to standard oak or fir mats, the CLT Access Mat still remains considerably lighter than a traditional mat with all of the same durability. This weight reduction means significant savings in trucking fees.  As a normal load consists of 45 access mats, you can now load 90 CLT mats per truckload. Less trips, less fuel, less hours and wages… and a faster delivery time!  Being able to load twice the mats per truck makes the CLT Access Mat the most cost effective mat to move from one location to another.

This mat has been engineered to be stronger than a fir mat in every way, making it an easy replacement for some traditional mats. Unlike the bolted versions of access mats, tests show that the mats will not diamond shape when dropped on a corner.  Over time, a traditional bolted mat will become harder to fit together. The CLT Access Mat only has one bolted part, which is the fingers, making them easier to change out.

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Traditional Bolted Access Mat

Access mats (swamp mats) help protect your crew, vehicles, heavy equipment and the most sensitive environments. With little disturbance, your project will leave the environment ready to return quickly to its natural state. Not only will you save in roadwork and gravel, installation is fast and efficient. RMA mats are also lighter and stronger, resulting in significant cost savings in mobilization costs. Rig Mats of America Inc. manufactures and tests on site in Billings Montana with strict quality control and safety regulations. We have the capacity to make over 2,000 solid oak mats each month.

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